A New Milestone

Can you believe it’s only been 8 weeks since our first basket delivery? It seems like it was forever ago, but in reality it was only 2 months-not much time at all. Since that first delivery of baskets on July 9th, we have been cranking out basket after basket. Today, we hit a fabulous milestone- the 100th basket to go out the door.

The 100th basket

The 100th basket

100 baskets mean 100 tiny babies. Not quite 100 families as some are twins, but lives that are impacted just the same.  Want to know what 100 baskets breaks down to in supplies? Check this out:

95 baskets (5 were doubles for twins)

100 stuffed animals

200 receiving blankets

100 journals

100 big books

100 small books

75 blankets comprised of 4 yards of fleece each = 300 yards

25 blankets comprised of 3 yards of fleece each = 75 yards

(That’s enough to run the length of a football field 3 times and part of the way down on the 4th time)

A Twin Boy & Girl basket

A Twin Boy & Girl basket

Twin Girls

Twin Girls










In the little over two months since we started fundraising, we’ve been humbled to receive $4385.74. Of that total, $1000 was won through the WyHy Community Advocate program. That means that YOU, our fellow supporters pitched in $3385.74 out of the goodness of your hearts. You graciously donated funds, supplies, and even bought a shirt to wear, all in support of this project. Some of you even took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but donated to TSFB and STILL took the ice water on your heads.  You are the reason that 100 baskets have gone out the door to spread love to families going through a terribly difficult time.  You all move me! A project is as only as good as the people supporting it, you all should be proud!

Speaking of ALS, I know there has been much ado lately with regards to how much of donated funds are used for what, especially in large organizations like the ALS Foundation. There has been an onslaught of info graphics showing how funds are used and by whom popping up everywhere. My promise to you is that 100% of the funds have been used for the baskets. I’ve done a little over 2000 miles in my vehicle to pick up supplies, drop baskets and come home but I have never used funds for gas or even mileage. I want you to know exactly where your donations go. Every dime goes into those baskets. Every item donated either is added to baskets, or used to support them.  If you have ever been on the fence about donating to the project, let me set your mind at ease, 100% goes to these baskets.

So drop on by the donate link and a part of something fabulous!

We’re still 501(c) 3 pending, but as soon as we get that piece of paper I will gladly write out receipts for anyone who has donated (whether it was items or dollars!) so you can use them as an exemption on your tax return. Additionally, we are putting together grant applications so that as soon as we have it, we can apply. Until then however, we still need YOU! Stick with us – help us grow! Help us comfort families, one tiny life at a time.