A Special Delivery

Our first delivery went well! We had a few minor bumps in getting the “who-was-doing-what” portion at the hospital figured out, but it wasn’t a big deal. What was (and still is) a big deal is what you see below. Because of everyone coming together, we were able to deliver 40 baskets in the initial delivery and we have had supplies on hand to keep building them. Census had dropped to 25 babies for the day of the delivery, so we were able to give one to each baby and leave a small stock for the hospital to have on hand for incoming babes (our goal!)  As of today, July 9, 2014 we have sent 45 to the hospital and 1 basket that was requested and sponsored sent to a special baby in Texas.

Think about that for a second- 46 lives have been touched. That’s 2-3 kindergarten classes, a school bus full, more than 2x the Duggar Family. This doesn’t even include their families!! Get my point? WE, yes WE as a team are doing amazing things. Let’s keep it up. People always want to do good things, but are never sure of what to do, or don’ think they have the time. Let us do it for you! Think about donating items we need, or just make a monetary donation so we can go out and buy what we need in bulk. Then stand back and pat yourself on the back for doing something awesome. It’s that easy!

We’re going to start a mini-program within our project. Simply stated, it’s the “In Honor Of” program. Future baskets that go out will have a slip in them saying they are being donated in honor of someone who has done something awesome. We’re taking their good deeds and paying it forward. So not only will the families get a great basket, they’ll get an extra dose of good, by reading about another person who has done something fantastic for their community, or human beings in general. Sounds neat, doesn’t it?

If you know someone who should be nominated, think about donating a basket in their honor, but at least let us know about them! Send us the info over on the contact page. In turn, we’ll send a Toby’s Hero certificate to them with a picture of the basket that was donated in their honor! Soon we’ll have a new page up with all those who have been nominated and their stories. It will be a great place to come and get some inspiration for your day.

That’s all I have for today, enjoy the pictures! And of course,  a GIANT THANK YOU!!! TO Michelle Garey for taking these. She’s the best. Ever. Seriously!

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  1. Great work guys! I am sure all the families loved it. You are truly a blessed family. Keep it coming!

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