A WyHy Community Advocate

Great news! Team Toby Tolin took 2nd in the Wyhy Community Advocate contest! We were nominated by darling Miss Jamie Gronski and throughout the course of the voting, we recieved over 17,000 votes! (The guy who won 1st had 24,000.) Today we were presented with the “big” check, and then a real check to take to the bank!  Which I absolutely did because fleece at Joann’s was 70% off this week, AND I got another 20% off of that. (Score!) Check out the pictures from today!


The “Big” check. Sadly, we didn’t get to keep it for the wall.


Big Money!

WyHy day!

E & Toby

You all helped with this, by voting your thumbs and fingers off. I can’t thank you enough! This will help us do a ton more work! Which. . . I need to go do. They need 12 more down in Denver and those blankets aren’t going to make themselves. We are swiftly approaching 75 baskets. What should we do to celebrate when we get to 100? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Much love,


~E & Toby

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