More Out the Door!

for somebunny special

for somebunny special

Today we are sending out more baskets! Just wanted to give you all an update on how many and where so you can see how far your support is going. We think it’s pretty cool, and we hope you will too!

So far since the project’s inception, we have donated a total of 54 baskets out. 40 in the initial deliver, and 10 supply upkeep, as well as 4 baskets requested and sponsored. They’ve gone to California, Texas, and two to different hospitals in Denver. We’re thrilled to be supporting so many babies and families. We could not have done it without all of your support, both donations and words!

Our Dreft packets came in and we’ve started to incorporate them into our baskets. Parents will love this, and we can’t thank Dreft enough! They definitely love babies as much as we do! They sent the sweetest letter as well. It’s so heartwarming to get messages like that. They really help keep up the motivation!



Additionally, we got a box of fabulous muslin swaddling blankets in from aden+anais! While we don’t have very many, there are definitely a few babies who will be spoiled by getting one of these! I wish there were big people sizes- I’d use them for sheets and I think they would be amazing!


So what’s next? Our goal is to continue what we are doing- keep up with the need from RHMC, and send baskets out to where they are needed! We’ll be applying for grant money as soon as our 501(c)(3) status is approved, but until then we are dependent upon donations  from kindhearted folk like yourselves.

Additionally, we are in the running for Community Advoate from WyHy Federal Credit Union here in Cheyenne. If we get the most votes, we win $2000 which will really help out. Voting is open till Aug 3rd, with no limit to how many times you vote, or how often! Check it out here and chose Elizabeth Tolin! There’s no registration and you won’t get emails and junk, I promise!

ALSO, we have a book fair fundraiser at Barnes & Nobel in Cheyenne on August 2nd! Come out and say hi, grab a book for yourself or someone you love. Use our slips at checkout and 20% of your purchase (no added cost to you!) goes to Team Toby Tolin.

I joke (only half kidding) that we need to get on the Ellen Show, or something of that nature. What creative ideas do YOU have to help bring attention to the project? Leave them in the comments, and if you know Ellen, tell her to come check us out!