What Can Your Love Do?

NICU life can be devastatingly hard on parents; both those who can be there constantly, but even more so on those who must return to work or return home to care for other family members. The following piece revolves around a little baby named Kaden and what his nurses do for him and his family as they cope with Kaden’s NICU stay.

Journaling can be very therapeutic for parents, and it can help nurses connect with families, returning to them moments when they couldn’t be present at baby’s bed side. In Kaden’s case, those journal entries are all that is left of a tiny life taken from this world far too soon.

While tragic, this is one of the reasons we add a journal to every Shower for Babies basket donated. For parents to use, or ask their nurses to use, in order to help strengthen the connection they have with their baby and stand as a testament to their baby’s life.

We pray that every baby is a success story like Toby and that the journal will be looked back upon  in wonderment over the years as he grows. Maybe even presented as a wedding gift to remind him of how his life started as he begins a new chapter.

Please consider making a donation or contributing a journal so every parent who receives a basket can document their baby’s journey.

Your love can make a lifetime of difference.