Shoulder To Lean On

Be a Shoulder To Lean On, or find a Shoulder To Lean On

Entering the NICU is tough, especially when you have no one to talk to. That's where the Shoulder To Lean On Program comes into play.

We take volunteer NICU veteran parents and pair them up with current NICU parent who has requested a Shoulder To Lean On. We try as best as possible to match requesting parents with parents who have had a similar situation. The purpose of the program is to build NICU community and parental support. Until a person goes through the situation they have no idea what it's like, or where to turn to for support. The Shoulder To Lean On program is not to provide medical advice or counseling but to provide a unique support system that only NICU parents understand.

NICU Veteran Parents: Use the contact form on the left to sign up and be on our roster of volunteers. When a parent puts in a request for a STLO we'll match them as best as we can with a similar situation. If you are a match, we'll contact you and ask you if you can reach out to the parent in need. We'll never give out your information to anyone. Plus, you don't have to be in Denver. Parents can be in contact via phone or email!

CURRENT NICU Parents: If you'd like us to pair you up with a NICU veteran parent with a similar NICU stay, please let us know! These parents understand the worries, the frustrations, and the terminology used in the NICU. They'll have wisdom on choosing primary nurses, books to read and more! Use the link on the left to email us, or call us any time at 307-256-7403.