Wing In Training

On today’s TBT (Throw Back Thursday) we’ve got some pretty neat things going on.

Today was the day a year ago, that we got to bring Toby home from the NICU and the ball really started to roll on this project we call Toby’s Shower for Babies. Who knew that a year later we’d would have delivered over 400 baskets, gotten our 501c3, and been the blessed recipient of so much support. But that’s not what this TBT is all about. This TBT is for something really special.

Quite a few years ago I attended basic training for the United States Air Force. (Even though I’m in the Air Guard, we all go through the same training) I met an instructor there by the name of (then) Technical Sergeant Blackmarr. I was terrified of her. I was terrified of my own shadow most days during training, too, but that’s besides the point. She’s amazing. And, her amazing-ness just keeps getting better.

Fast forward to today and Jen is a great friend on a great mission. She and her troops over at F.E. Warren AFB are coming together in a new mission called Wing In Training. They have the ultimate goal to train together as a group to run the Denver Rock N’ Roll Marathon in October. While they’re training, they’ll also be fundraising pledges that will benefit Toby’s Shower for Babies (Team Toby Tolin, our legal 501c3 name)

In just 1 day they’ve already had 6 runners commit to the group and more are interested in joining up!  Josh will be running things down here for the Colorado Springs area, and we’re looking for someone who would be interested in setting things up on the Guard side of the house in Cheyenne.  The Guard group could totally train with the FE Warren group. Good times to be had by all!

Even if you’re not in the military but feel compelled to get in on the action, let us know! Jen has a great schedule already worked out so the hard part is done for you (sans the running itself, of course!)  Check it out in the events section!

For those that would like to be involved but can’t imagine adding 26.2 miles to their running shoes, here’s the link to the fundraising site: