We are very pleased to announce that we (Team Toby Tolin) received official notification today, we are 501C3 APPROVED!!!

What this means:

Donations are now tax exempt- anything you donate I can provide you with a receipt that you can use towards writing off on your taxes when you file for the 2014 year and future years.

Purchases we make are now tax exempt saving us precious donations.

We can apply for grants.

We can get businesses, corporations, and larger organizations to donate.

We can get into the Combined Federal Campaign, Amazon Smiles programs and more!

Basically it’s big stuff, which means we have an avenue to keep on doing big stuff; more baskets, other programs- the sky is the limit!

Currently we have the Totally Toby Tuesday challenge going on! Every $10 dollar donation receives a Toby footprint card with one of Toby’s favorite quotes.

Check out that campaign at http://www.gofundme.com/e99mq8

**If you’ve made donations this year and would like me to send you a receipt with the stamp and our tax ID number please email me by using the contact link on the website found here**