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This is pretty cool news in my opinion, and I think you’ll like it too! We’ve reached out to a few different companies and authors to see if they would want to climb on board our crazy train and spread some love to NICU babies with us. And guess what?! Some have said YES!  The order you see below is the order of who said yes first. Check out these amazing people. They might be things you love already, and you will love them more for it!


Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

The author, Bridget, has offered to see what she can do about rounding up some copies of this fabulous book so we can add them to the baskets. I bought this book for Josh because he loves all things mustache, but we all adore it. It’s bright, funny, and whimsical! You should add a copy of this to your own collection, you won’t regret it! Check it out on amazon here.


Aden+Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets


I got a phone call yesterday from the company of aden+adais, who is sending us some packages of swaddling blankets to add to the baskets! I had been over a month since I had first contacted the company, and they have been busy, busy! But they took the time to check out our project and reach out to us to help! Toby has a few of these blankets and all I can say, is that they are divine! I love them, and I know the parents who get them will love them too! You can get your own, or order some for somebaby special right here!

Lastly, but definitely NOT least is DREFT!


Rather than me blather on about what they had to say, I’ll leave you to read it below.

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for contacting us!

We love to help out great causes whenever we can. Of course, we can’t reach them all. But your cause looks like it’s doing great work for these families. So here’s what we have planned for your nonprofit. We are sending a bunch of Dreft samples and one case of special Dreft onesies for your gift baskets. We just need to confirm the P.O. Box on the website and we’ll assign the Attention line on the address to you. We hope that this does some good for your nonprofit!

Thanks again for thinking of Dreft!

The Dreft Team

Additionally, they sent another message that said this:

Hi Elizabeth! No need to send a thank you card. We already feel the love. The brand team took a look at your site and wanted to let you know that we’re all rooting for both Toby and all the precious preemies that your program supports. Please feel free to share what you end up doing all the goodies! We love to see our products in action!

It’s pretty neat that all these people are coming together and pitching in to help! Great people, and great companies! Even if the items are only a few, or even a bunch, they will definitely help out, definitely make parents lives brighter, and definitely show that they have people in their best interests! Do you have ideas of other people or companies that might want to participate? Send us a message or leave a comment below with your ideas!

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  1. Hey Liz,

    What about Carter’s? I am thinking off all their outlet clothes on clearance racks that go unsold. Perhaps they could send some your way. I love the muslin blanket folks. Softest things ever too. I’ve given friends some of the gel nipple soothers for breast feeding and those have been super well received. Maybe Lansinoh or Medela will chime in as well.

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